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IBM in the 21st Century: The Coming of Globally Integrated Enterprise (Case Study)
By: Shareeki Smith

Boston University
"IBM in the 21st Century: The Coming of the Globally Integrated Enterprise," HBS case 9-308-105, October 7, 2009

In this Case Study, IBM illustrates a great example of taking a company to a global level by providing great leadership and making great decisions. IBM was able to notice their opportunity to provide their services outside the US and put together a plan to make sure it was successful. IBM also shows how they were able to go from being a hardware supplier to a software supplier, which opens up more opportunities for their company to survive even during hardships in the economy. In this case
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IBM also managed to capture popular culture's attention thanks to Watson, its artificial intelligence program which played Jeopardy! Better yet, Watson beat champions Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter. Banner year, indeed. (Fortune 500, 2012) As stated in the case study, IBM was able go outside of their comfort zone by only providing hardware and move into being a software provider. This decision was great being that they were able to avoid a status quo trap
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