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Q1. What is the primary objective of IBM’s advertising? How have the objectives of its advertising changed over the years? Obviously, in one perspective the initial primary objective of IBM’s advertising is to RECAPTURED the brand equity to increase its diminishing market share. Plunging from one of the market leader during 70’s and 80’s to almost a market looser in the 90’s, IBM’s rebranding aims at the value proposition in the mind of the consumers. Defeated by the slicker and responsive rivals such as Microsoft, Dell and Oracle, IBM had to push the awake call alert to reposition itself as one of the significant player in the industry. This all been done through the ingenious and new paradigm
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This was what most Malaysian feels and perceived IBM during the late 80’s that had brought Ini Barang Mahal connotations.

Q5. Do you think IBM’s advertising campaign changed too often over the past 11 years? Were the changes made because the campaign were not working well or was it an intentional evolution in the advertising and branding message IBM wanted to communicate? The verdict of whether the ads campaign too often in a period of time lies on the general rules in business mantra. Rule no. 1 is ‘customer is always right’ and rule no. 2 is ‘if the customer is wrong, go back to rule no 1’. The correlation between these 2 ties (marketers and consumers) is largely implicit and works hand in hand. In one side, marketers have to ‘educate’ consumers about their product or services gradually through every mean of promotional mix (personal or non-personal). Failure to do so will keep them out of the league and could result as a marketer’s caveat. On the other side, the dynamism of consumers’ needs and demand evolves in a much unpredicted cycle and pattern. The external environment forces such as demographic, technological, economic and natural forces have a direct correlation in determining the consumer needs and buying decisions. Learned from the previous blunder, IBM required to being sensitively alert by the surrounding climate and be prepared. Preparations comes in the mode of

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