Ibm : The New Era Of The Technology Industry And At The Forefront Of Innovation

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Background Founded in June 1911, IBM has always been a leading company in the technology industry and at the forefront of innovation. It is a manufacturer of computer hardware and software, and also provides infrastructure, hosting and consulting services. Before the 2000s, IBM was the largest PC vendor in the world. However, the hardware sales have continually declined since 2000, and IBM sold its PC group to Lenovo in 2004, as well as its x86 Server Business in 2014. In the new era of the technology industry, IBM has faced the challenge to transit from a hardware manufacturer to a service company. IBM has weaknesses in the transformation of its business model. It is lack of flexibility in the transition because of its large company…show more content…
An efficient and flexible sales process allows you to vigorously respond to market changes and make profit.  Analyse trade mechanisms in both established and emerging target countries in order to expand into foreign markets. A comprehensive market research allows you to systematically manage business opportunities. Our team will develop these researches in different countries for you based on a quantitative analysis of trade history, potential costs, competitors, customer profiles and local government policies. This analysis will allow you fully understand the prospects of target markets and ensure your sales force uses its limited resources for the most profitable effect. Benefits Our company is a leading consulting firm in the various industries, especially in the technology industry. The members in our team are experts in corporate strategy and have worked with plenty of clients from the software industry to services. We can bring real world experience to the table and provide invaluable prospective regardless of your current stage of business development. The expected outcomes as follows will be achieved from our realistic and flexible Action Plan, which focuses on addressing the issues like innovation, growth and expansion. 1. Stronger market research and targeting. 2. More distinct scope of future

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