Ibm’s Knowledge Management Proposal for the Ontario Ministry of Education

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| Case 1:Cognizant 2.0: Embedding community and knowledge into work processes | | INSY 444, Fall 2011 | | Submitted by: Ni Xiqin Oliver | | Oct 31, 2011 |

Table of Contents A. Introduction 3 B. Background 3 Industry: 3 Product: 4 C. Problems 5 D. Alternatives 6 E. Comparison between different alternatives and Recommendations 7 F. References 8

A. Introduction

Developed by Cognizant Technology Solutions, Cognizant 2.0(C2) is a corporate version of social media such as Facebook, targeting exclusively for the purpose of communication within organization and with potential customers. According to the company’s website, only Cognizant provides such seamless access to a worldwide talent pool, connected via a
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This coupled with a predefined linkage between process steps aiming at the accomplishment of organizational goals and relevant knowledge (Eccles, 2011).
The advantages that C2 provides are as follows: * Improved employee productivity through process guidance, the use of collaboration enabling tools and knowledge management * High process maturity through workflow automation and process orchestration * Single source of knowledge management through central repository for all search * Better governance and project management through transparency and real time visibility C. Problems

There are mainly two problems that need to be addressed.
1) Internal problem—Cognizant employees fail to get a good knowledge of process structure and process guidance of Cognizant 2.0(C2) in some measure.
As mentioned above, C2 was introduced in 2007 in replacement of the Knowledge Management Appliance(KMA), because the latter fail to tackle with the nagging issue—how KMA’s capabilities linked to productivity and profits of the company. C2 was designed to provide consultants with access to knowledge in the context of a particular work process, as well as provide continuous process guidance. However, the target group in this case is the consultants, the clients; in other words, C2 primarily targets everything in the downstream of Cognizant

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