Ibsen, Henrik Subplots

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In this very popular drama from the playwright Henrik Ibsen, Mrs. Linde and Krogstad make an important contribution to the drama as the subplot of the play “ A doll’s house “. The playwright’s intent of this play was to dramatize Victorian society and it is clear that without these characters help, the main characters would have probably remained stagnant. Nora would have most likely, never would have come to a self-realization of her own lost identity without these subplot characters. Krogstad and Mrs.L. clearly help the main characters in their evolution throughout the drama with the benefit of their own past experiences being similar to Nora’s. Making mistakes is all a part of life, but the most important thing to do is to learn from…show more content…
This led her to being so submissive and not being able to have her own mind, which she hated. Being alone can also have a toll on your appearance, when they see each other for the first time Mrs.L seems older and Nora from what we read never changed. “ Nora: You are a lot paler, Christine, and perhaps a little thinner. Mrs.L: And much, much older, Nora.” (Ibsen. P 6) At the very end of the play there is a dramatic twist between both worlds. The poor Mrs.L from the beginning becomes happy again when she reveals herself to Krogstad and they get back together. The ability for Christine to rebuild her life with Krogstad can be accepted as a note of hope in Nora 's case for the letter that will change her life. Nora ends up deciding that she could not accept the reaction of her husband and decides to leave her children and husband behind. This subplot shows how fast two world can change, some for the better and some for the worst. “ Krogstad: I have never had such an amazing piece of good fortune in my life. Mrs.L: What a difference! What a difference! Someone to work for and live for – a home to bring comfort into. That I will do indeed…” (Ibsen, p 55) Work cited Ibsen, Henrick. A doll`s house,
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