Ic50 Unit 5 Research Paper

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IC50: 0.18 μM (MM1.S cells); 0.75 μM (RPMI8226 cells); 2.43 μM (U266 cells) [1].

Cladribine is an adenosine deaminase inhibitor. Adenosine deaminase, an enzyme involved in purine metabolism, plays an important role in DNA and RNA synthesis through the turnover of nucleic acids in tissues. Cladribine is a well-known purine nucleoside analog which interferes with adenosine deaminases, thus used for treating lymphoproliferative disorders, such as hairy cell leukemia (HCL) [1].

In vitro: In lymphocytes, Cladribine caused accumulation of DNA strand breaks, subsequently activating the tumor suppressor p53. In MM1.S, RPMI8226 and U266 cells, Cladribine dose-dependently inhibited cell proliferation and survival [1].

In vivo: In adult zebrafish intraperitoneally
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