Icas Aat Project Essay

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Introduction to the business Listers Group Listers Group is the largest privately owned motor group in England, operating over 40 dealerships representing the world’s major quality motor brands. Acting as franchise partners for Audi, BMW, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Smart, Toyota, Volkswagen cars and commercials, Lexus and Land Rover, Listers group offers excellence In the sale of new and approved used cars and vans, servicing and parts, and have won a number of national awards in these areas. Principles of Internal Control 1 Demonstrate an understanding of the role of accounting within the organisation 1.1a There are various accounting functions…show more content…
Procedures and organisational policies had to be amended to coincide with these new regulations also.The VAT changes also affected the business. Computer systems and calculations needed to be amended to ensure that the

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