Icd 9 Paper

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The continue use of ICD-9 codes after the effective date could result in the denial of reimbursement claims. This task can be assigned to the healthcare organization’s management team to determine a solution avoiding a break down in the system. Rahmathulla states, “In instances of an audit, appropriate documentation will make the query process substantially easier while enabling coders to clarify issues without having to query the provider multiple times for answers” (“Migration To The ICD-10 Coding System S187). It is important to accurately document to reduce the amount of claim denials. With the new specificity requirement of the ICD-10 and documentation supporting a claim, lowers the chances of healthcare fraud. The healthcare management team will oversee the process to prevent the risk of exposure.…show more content…
The team can authorize a statement to determine the financial status of an organization at that particular point in time. Ideally, it would be best for an organization to figure out finances prior to beginning the transition process of ICD-10. One initial step prior to the transition process would be to generate more cash flow of an organization. Author Leighton Noel makes an excellent point about how a healthcare organization can increase their cash flow. “Start by examining your financial workflow to identify and incorporate best practices for collecting payments and determine which claims you can still collect and which should be written off” (Noel). By executing a financial plan earlier in the process can be cost effective for an organization. Most healthcare organizations should be in a position where finances can generate enough income before inquiring ICD-10 without going deeper into financial
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