Icd Inland Container Depots

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ICD as the concept: 1
In recent times, global trade, in line with it the Indian foreign trade has grown phenomenally both in terms of volume and complexities. Infrastructure needs and innovative methods in logistics management are growing hand in hand with the International trade needs. Ports these days mainly act as gateways and cater to the hinterlands of India which are now serviced by the advent of ICDs. ICDs thus generate business opportunities, general employment and global competitiveness of the local industry.
Need for ICDs
Ports and harbors, due to inherent structural and procedural constraints, cannot accommodate the increased traffic in containerized cargo. Such increase in
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This necessitates routing through a notified Customs clearance facility like an ICD or CFS. Customs clearances need container storage and warehousing space for inspection / consolidation / deconsolidation / stuffing / de-stuffing of containers depending on the nature of the activity, exports or imports. Earlier such activities were carried out within the port area itself. The space in all major ports is at a premium and its utilization worldwide is primarily shifting towards loading / unloading of vessels in shortest possible time. 3
Therefore the trend has shifted to CFS clearances as it is imperative that customs activities be carried outside the port area. The ports of Mumbai, JNPT, air terminal are all situated in the prime

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