Ice 2016 Agenda Now Solidified Ahead Of Spring Event

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Blog 25 – ICE 2016 agenda now solidified ahead of spring event It what marks a rare occurrence in the industry, it seems that ICE as an expo has set out its agenda almost four months in advance. While other expos seem content with leaving everything to the last minute, the team behind ICE want to make sure that such isn’t the case with their event. They have now solidified the running agenda well ahead of next spring’s event, with it now officially making ICE 2016 the biggest knowledge-exchange and learning event in online casino history. Breaking Down the Agenda Published just this past week, the new agenda shows that there is astonishing 64 hours of core learning opportunities being offered up to ICE 2016 attendees. The learning…show more content…
Growing Industry Presence ICE is an expo that has been building momentum in recent years, with many now seeing it as the premiere online casino event in not just London but the entire United Kingdom. It seems that with a growing industry presence has come a newfound enthusiasm. Speaking on the rise of ICE, event Marketing Director Jo Mayer said, “As far online casino industry expos go, we believe that ICE delivers something that is truly unique. The 2016 incarnation of the event will have more than 25,000 attendees, making it the biggest event in ICE history, with every attendee being given the chance to engage in product, commercial, and business exchanges”. She also spoke on what exactly ICE 2016 will address, “We wish for ICE this year to be an all-round event, so you can expect speakers to discuss many key contemporary issues that are set to impact the industry in the coming years”. Judging by Mayer’s words, ICE 2016 could very well become an industry-defining event. Step Into the Technopolis To some the whole idea of theming an expo is a little bit ‘cheesy’, but that is largely because most events simply don’t commit to the ideas they put forward. The theme for ICE 2016 is Technopolis and it is
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