Ice Age: Collision Course

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Ice Age: Collision Course directed by Michael Thurmeier, was another amusing movie added into the Ice Age series. Despite its frosty setting the movie created an exciting movement between families trying to survive the deadly asteroid heading towards earth. Just like the other Ice Age series this one is also rated PG for kids, but the parents could get a comical laugh too.
Starring everyone’s favorite cartoon character Scrat who sets out to capture his acorn, but yet again he transforms and threatens the ice age world. Ice Age: Collision Course being the fifth in the series still has a way for making those who are watching still get a good laugh. Starting from its delightful plot in another freezing setting, to the famous voices of our favorite
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Even though it’s below freezing that doesn’t stop the herd from setting off to save the world once again. Traveling along with them is a weasel named Buck who is voiced by Simon Pegg, who is used to living in the warm dinosaurs’ world, but now he is placed in a new environment with his past friends. From the beautiful icicles hanging from the dark caves to the frozen covered bodies of water and now there is an electric storm. This setting and events creates a perfect effect for the movie Ice Age: Collison Course because it gives the viewers the idea of what Scrats doing in space is doing to…show more content…
Peaches voiced by Keke Palmer, just announced her engagement to Julian voiced by Adam Devine, who’s just a loveable mammoth, but accidently mentions about him and Peaches leaving. Sid voiced by John Leguizamo who is a single bachelor who is in search of his soul partner and tagging along with him is his old and confused granny voiced by Wanda Sykes. Diego voiced by Denis Leary and Shira voiced by Jennifer Lopez, are just two saber tooth tigers wanting to start a family, but when they always have kids that fear them it’s hard to think if that would be the best option. Finally, we have the two possums Crash and Eddie voiced by Josh Peck and Seann William Scott, who always know how to create a great laugh with their stupendous stunts. The Ice Age series is one that gets better and better with each movie. They’re all very creative and amusing for all ages, but this movie could be the best yet. Ice Age: Collision Course is a movie you wouldn’t want to miss out on. The hysterical plot which created a dramatic ending, voices of famous actors/actresses that we all know and love and the wacky setting and events that just keeps the viewers on their
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