Ice Bottling And The Bottles Industry Under The Brand Name Of Refreshing

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Waters Bottling will be entering to the bottle water industry under the brand name of Refreshing. It will be available in two sizes. Sold individually in 20 ounce bottles and in a pack of four of 16.9 ounce bottles. The distinctiveness of the packaging will bottles in the shape of mountains. The bottle is basically smooth, accept the a few ridges around the bottle that enables the consumer to grip the bottle for drinking. The mountain peak would be an opening that flips up to open in the form of a sports bottle opening. To help consumers associate the bottle with the marketing of mountain water. The price would vary, depending on the region. The goal is to price just below the current bottle waters. We are going to market the…show more content…
With new concerns over artificial sweeteners, consumers are opting for more water. While more water is the current trend, because of media attacks on the bottle water industry, more people are beginning to second guess if it matter at all. A National Geographic, is a magazine of the National Geographic Society, wrote an article on the negative impact of consumers consuming too much bottled water in an article (Karlstrom and Dell 'Amore 2010). The article addressed issues such as, the impact transporting water has on our environment due to fossil fuel use. Also, because some water is pumped from underground, it impacts the natural water sources more than tap water. This article also addressed more bottled water was sold for drinking than milk, coffee, and juice. Cities such as San Francisco stopped purchasing bottle for city consumption, according to the article. This was confirmed by www.

Mayo Clinic states on their website, bottled water or tap water, it is a personal preference. Both are tested regularly to ensure it meets safety guidelines. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulate the standards for bottled water. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), regulates tap water. The site also states due to health issues, some may be advised to boil water before drinking or switching to bottled water. In 1995, Federal Drug Administration gave guidelines to make marketing
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