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BLOW WIND BLOW For this icebreaker game you'll need to set up your chairs in a circle facing inwards. Make sure there is one less chair than there are players. Select one player to start off in the middle. They must begin by calling out "Blow wind blow". The rest of the group must respond "blow what?" Then the middle player can say some kind of conditional statement like "everyone with red hair" or "everyone not wearing shoes". All the players that fit into that category must get up and switch chairs with another player. This allows a chance for the middle player to steal a chair also. Once everyone has finished switching as quickly as possible, there will be one player left stuck in the middle. Then the process repeats! Teeth…show more content…
Note: This is a high-energy activity, so it is very important to keep safety in mind. Yes, pool noodles are soft and generally won't hurt someone, but a pool noodle in the eye or mouth sucks. So, setting parameters on where you can hit someone with the pool noodle before the game starts is a good idea. Also, anyone who doesn't physically feel comfortable jumping or ducking should opt out of that part of the activity. Look Up Look Down | Material Needed: None Time Required: 10 minutes Group Size: 10-200 Purpose: Physical energizer 1. Arrange participants into groups of 12-20 members. 2. Have participants stand in a tight circle, shoulder to shoulder. 3. Explain that when you (the facilitator) says, "look down" everyone must look at the ground. And when you say, "Look up" everyone must look up and stare directly at the face of another person. If two people look up and stare at each other, they must scream and then step out of the circle. The rest of the participants who didn't make eye contact with another person will continue staring until the facilitator says, "Look down" again. Play continues until there are only 2-3 people left in the circle. Variations: If you have more than one circle of Look Up Look Down going on, you will want a facilitator who knows the rules in each group. With a very large

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