Ice Cream Galore Btec Unit 9

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Ice Cream Galore

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Index * P1 describe the promotional mix used by two selected organisations for a selected product/service

* P2 explain the role of promotion within the marketing mix for a selected product/service

* P3 explain the role of advertising agencies and the media in the development of a successful promotional campaign

* P4 explain the reasons behind the choice of media in a successful promotional campaign

The Promotional mix contains out of different elements who are necessary for the information of all target customers that means it’s not just for the people who already know about the product but also for the people who are completely unaware it all depends on how you use
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They got commercials and famous people supporting them at benefit concerts here

Personal Selling: They do use personal selling by for example the people who come knock on your door raising money or have a stall with unicef shirts and caps that u can buy

Sales promotion: They don’t give discounts because it’s about them helping children it depends on you how much u want to give there are no standard prices

Sponsorship :They sponsor one of the greatest soccer team in the world FC Barcelona and the Grand Prix as well as NASCAR.

Direct Marketing: They use direct marketing u can subscribe to their site and they send u emails and information about their campaigns or benefit concerts they look for people with a soft hart and care about children I think they mostly aim at rich housewives with children their own

Public Relations: They are extremely kind to u and u can always call or mail them or go to their local office if u have any questions.

Unicef depends on promotion they need it so people can donate money to them without promotion no one would trust the organisation with their money they would think that they will just keep it. They promote it with sad children that are all bruised up so that they get your compassion and eventually your

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