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Did the solid Ice Cream Formation Change Based on Type of Salt Use?
The purpose of the lab was to identify how the different types of salt applied to ice effect the amount of solid ice cream formed.
Background Research
Ice cream is a solution with a lower freezing point than H2O therefor regular ice cannot lower the temperature enough for solid product to form (Science Matters). Lowering the temperature farther is the job of salt. NaCl (salt) will dissolve in water (or ice in this case) to form a solution with a lower freezing point. The Fahrenheit system is based off salt solutions with 0° F being the point where a salt solution freezes. By adding salt to the ice surrounding the Ice Cream solution the ice begins the process of melting (Elementary Science Program). When the solid ice transforms into liquid with the addition of salt the process requires heat (Elementary Science
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Salt was mined out of large salt flats that were the remains of ancient sea’s that had dried up. Nowadays salt is produced both by mining old lakes and drying up newer lakes. Harvesters will flood a shallow area with salt water and wait for the water to evaporate. When the designated area is dry workers just scrape up the remaining salt. Salt is used to lower the temperature and unless it is created in a lab, which is not a cost effective was to obtain salt, the mining and harvesting causes verities of salt. Sea salt is obtained simply by harvesting dry sea’s; this can be done by both mining and farming. Sea salt varies widely and contains many other trace mineral and elements (Health Nut). Kosher salt is small, purer flakes of salt compacted if mined or grown via the evaporation process (Health Nut). The differences in Kosher Salts and Sea Salts are explored in their ability to create solid product from an Ice Cream solution.
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