Ice Cream, The Summer Lover Of Many Humans

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Ice cream, the summer lover of many humans, is becoming more and more popular. Back in the 1960s through 2005, kids would run when they heard the catchy tune of the ice cream truck. As the years pass, the ice cream truck industry has declined significantly. People of all ages just go through a drive-thru or get ice cream from the store. Over the years, while the ice cream truck industry has declined, the different flavors of those ice creams have changed suggestively. The process and the different flavors of ice cream have changed over the years from vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, to much more eccentric flavors . There is a simple process on how to make sugar. Sugar is in almost all ice creams, excluding the ones…show more content…
Many small ice cream shops in the big cities carry these unusual flavors. However, not many people have a mouth watering craving for lobster, sardine, or brandy ice cream. Today, there are high demands for non-dairy ice cream. Some go the whole hog and open cream-less ice cream treats. Alternative dairy products such as: soy milk, almond milk, and coconut milk are added instead of regular milk. What is really crazy, is some people even develop dairy-free flavors! That is crazy, right? While making cream, small independent ice cream shops dream up wild frozen treats that are one-of-a-kind. In Los Angeles, there are churro ice cream sandwiches. Even home cooks, restaurants, and ice cream shops are creating decadent creations, like classic wafer with doughnuts, Rice Krispie treats, and waffles. Gelato, an ice cream like substance, is more than the Italian word for ice cream. One of the differences of ice cream and gelato is the soft and creamy textures are a result of a few more differences in ingredients. Gelato also has a lower percentage of buttercream than ice cream and a slight warmer temperature, which makes the flavors more intense. Lastly, there is less air churned and it feels more creamy and dense in the mouth. There are new ideas of exoric flavors of gelato everyday. In Chicago, a ice cream store called Black Dog Gelato, is known for their gelato. Black Dog only uses natural and seasonal ingredients in their small-batches advertised. One of

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