Ice Fili Is The Top Ice Cream Company

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Case Analysis #1 Questions Case: Ice-Fili Introduction Ice-Fili is the top ice cream producer in Russia. Currently, the company is experiencing tough competition with Nestle, Baskin-Robbins and regional ice cream producers. Its loss in market share due to their poor quality decisions-making after Russia became an open marketing in 1992. Nestle took great advantage of Ice-Fili’s low reaction adjustment and is taking over their market. 1. Which segments of the general external environment, if any, are relevant to the Russian ice cream industry? => General external environment tells us more to understand about ice cream industry. Manufacturing ice cream in Russia is a competition where demand for ice cream increase market sales, consumptions, capitalism, no marketing, Russians buy via Kiosks, college kids like beer, etc. Here are five of general external environment for Russian ice cream industry:- a) Technological Change There was a dramatic drop in ice cream companies from 1991 to 1992. The output fell to levels last experienced in the early 1970s. Foreign ice cream companies, including Ben & Jerry’s, Baskin & Robbins, Nestle, and Unilever, all poured into to Russian market to capitalize on the open market opportunity. This show Ice-Fili’s technology were same as before that way new competitor enter in Russia as a result. b) Demographic Trends Kids like beers, Nowadays students prefer beer to ice cream. Young generation brings new taste, new change & challenge. As Ben &
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