Ice Fish-Personal Narrative

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I have been a sister all of my life, from when I walked my first steps, to when I drove for a car the first time. When those things happened, my brothers were there. They were there to help me up when I fell down, they were there to scream in the back seats while I drove them for the first time. But they didn’t always help me, they didn’t always care if I fell down, they wanted me to get up on my own. They would even push me down, to see if I could get back up. But I now realize, all those times they pushed me, pulled me, and shoved me down, I became the person I am today. I am able to defend myself, I am able to stand up for what I believe in (because of all the arguments), and I am able get back up, when everyone else is down. Swimming,…show more content…
Well, I felt it when the ice was still there. Mom and Dad had been split up since I was 3, but for our sakes, they still did family stuff together, but this winter, Dad didn’t come over, me and my brothers were pretty upset, and didn’t know why. But none of that mattered, because this year, I turned 10. Since I was 10, Mom and my brothers were going to teach me how to ice fish. The night before, I went and got a pole and some bait, we had everything else already at the lake house. Tyler measured the ice, he said that it was thick enough, so we trusted him. We all got our boots on, which had spikes on the bottom, and went out about half way. Then we set up camp. Everything was going well, then I caught a fish. I was so happy! It was pulling really hard though, and was not about to let it go. The hole that Jacob grounded out was pretty big, and the fire made the ice thin around it for about a foot each way. That fish yanked and yanked at me. Tyler tried to help, but I didn’t let him, I started to slip, and I fell over The fish which I still had ahold of with the pole, pulled me under. When It pulled me under, that was the coldest, worst feeling I had ever had. I had taken off my coat, because it was really warm in the tent. I let to of the fishing pole, which got stuck into ice. My brothers pulled me out, while my mom ran for the blankets, I was going into shock at that point. When they covered me, I didn’t even notice. Mom carried me back to the house, and put me beside one of the blower things on the ground, which blew out heat. She called 911 and they came over in what I thought was forever. I had to stay overnight in the hospital, because I had frostbite on my legs. But Marcus pulled that fish out for me. It was a small fish, a really small strong fish. But we kept it, it is still hanging on the wall at the lake house. Every since that day, I have become stronger with my brothers, who saved my
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