Ice Hockey Essay

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Ice Hockey

This report is going to be on the game Ice hockey. A game of hockey is divided into three twenty minute time periods that are called periods. Between each period there is a fifth teen minute intermission. In hockey there are several ways a game may end if there is a tie at the end of regulation. The pros use one twenty sudden death period in which the first to score is the winner. In the amateurs they use a shoot out in which five players from each team are selected and allowed to go one on one with the opposing goalie and which ever team scores the most goals after all five members for both teams have taken their shot they are the winners. If there is a tie after this it keeps repeating until a winner is crowned.
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A defensemen’s shift will often be slightly longer then that of a winger or a center.

There are three different types of penalties in hockey a minor, a major, and a non contact penalties. Non contact penalties occur when a player hit’s the puck from his zone past the red goal line in the other teams zone and a member from his team does not touch it, however the goalie for the opposing team can wave it off and keep the puck in play, this is called icing. Another non contact penalty is when a teammate passes the puck to another teammate and it goes over a blue and red line without being touched before crossing both lines this called a two line pass. The last of the non contact penalties is off sides and this when an opposing team is going into their defenders zone and they pass the blue line before the puck does (the puck has to be the first thing to pass the blue line going into the zone). A minor penalty is assessed when an excessive amount of body or equipment is used to impede the speed or shot of an opponent. The player must then sit in the penalty box for two minutes of play and his team must play a man down (power play). If the opposing team scores during this time the man then can leave the box. A major penalty is given when most often for fighting or a severely violent act, and results in five minutes in the penalty box and return to play. This can also result in a game misconduct in which the player may not return to the game, but

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