Iceberg Informative Essay

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Also, the way that the ice is angled carries great significance. The way that the ice is presented represents a few things. The first thing it exemplifies is the state of our world. The fact that the ice is being tipped up is still floating above the water shows how this is just the beginning. The crisis of global warming is a threat to the world, yet it hasn’t taken full effect yet. This is only the beginning of the world’s global warming crisis. The way that the ice ends up tipping almost also makes it as if it is an iceberg. This is extremely important as icebergs are extremely symbolic. The interesting thing about icebergs is that you only see a small portion of the actual mass. The iceberg as a whole is huge and you only see its tip. Depicting…show more content…
If the public noticed the issue in Flint earlier on the maybe one of the people that died due to the Legionnaires' disease outbreak wouldn’t have. If the public starts taking global warming seriously maybe the future loss of life from superstorms will be prevented. Part of the reason why neither of these issues are properly identified is that by looking at both of these images, it is clear that people struggle acknowledging issues that aren’t directly affecting them in that moment of time. Part of the reason why so few people spoke up in regards to the Flint water crisis was that only the people in Flint were being affected. This same idea can be seen with the issue of global warming. The effects of global warming won’t become noticeable to the human population until it may be irreversible. However, due to the fact that not everyone can feel the effects of these issues they are often ignored. But why do we ignore issues that don’t directly affect us? It is partially due to fear. In Flint, the water crisis is also an issue of underlying socioeconomic tension. No one wants to believe that after our nation’s long horrifying issue of racial tension, that it still exists. As for global warming, no one wants to believe that the population as a whole may be having detrimental effects on our environment. Due to the fact the these issues don’t directly affect everyone, we can pretend like the issues aren’t as bad as they are. In order to overcome this fear that is frequently associated with pressing issues, the public must feel more obligated to take action. The illustrators tried to assist with this by using specific elements in their
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