Icebreaker Research Paper

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Icebreakers can be used for a wide variety of different activities involving children, students, as well as parents. Icebreakers are a great technique to allow participants to feel welcomed and reduce their nerves in a new environment with new peers, while allowing everyone to get to know each other.
Icebreakers that have been used in many classrooms in a college setting are fill in the blank sheets or how the textbook class it “Signature Sheets”, which are forms to be filled out with different statements and require a signature from each peer. In a college class this is usually the icebreaker that small classrooms play. It allows everyone to get up and moving, as well as reduces the first day nerves that follow a new semester. This is also a great icebreaker to play because it allows peers to say their name and also write it down allowing auditory and visual learners to
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Similar to the Signature Sheets icebreaker this game of bingo includes a statement and you need to find someone in the room that can agree or has what the statement says and have them sign the box. Your goal is to get as many signatures to make a bingo. A problem that can occur with this game of bingo is if there is not enough people to complete a game of bingo, or if no one can relate or agree with the statement. When I played this with my college classroom one of the statements was “I am an only child” and no one was an only child and this was the last square to be filled to complete a bingo. Make the statements broad enough that most parents would be able to agree with the statement, such as “I enjoy warm weather” most people would be able to agree with this statement. A statement such as “I have been out of the country,” may only be able to be signed by a few parents, but a statement such as “I have been to another state” would be a better statement to have on a bingo sheet since its more
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