Iceland Is The Best Country

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Finding the perfect place to live can be difficult, however your search can come to an end simply by looking at a different country, Iceland. The best country to live in is Iceland because of how safe it is and the natural beauty of the whole country. Iceland is located between the coast of Greenland and Norway. Iceland has a population of around 323,000 citizens; most of the population lives in or around their capital. There are a couple specific factors, based on practicality and aesthetics, on why Iceland is known for the best country in the world. The first main factor of why Iceland is the best country to live is based on the practicality, Iceland is the safest country throughout the world (Morin). There are two main reasons that…show more content…
Between how the citizens act to their comfort zones to the statistics on the homicide rates, there is still the popular topic about guns and how they cause violence all over. In Iceland more than a third of the population has a fire arm, and even though that is a majority of the population when a crime does happen in Iceland it is not due to the fire arms (Llana). Iceland has strict restrictions on who is allowed to carry, and those who are eligible have to go through several tests. Gun control is just one example of how Iceland is using rules and restrictions on issues that could turn in to a problem. By taking the issues at hand before they become a problem, they are thinking practical to prevent their country from violence and crime making their country the safest in the world. The second factor that makes Iceland the safest is militarism, which is the level of the military. Iceland military is different than some other countries, it has no standing military force (“CIA”?). Even though the country does not have a standing military, they are still apart of the NATO, North Atlantic Treaty Organization. This helps protect their country from war and other terrorist attaches, they can lean on the coastguard if they need to (Morin). Most would think that with no military that the country would fall apart and be in war all the time, but with the way that Iceland runs their country that does
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