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ICI Dulux Trade Paint is Britain’s leading and recognised paint supplier with 130 out let chains, which is largest suppliers in U.K. There has been an enormous increase in the popularity of broken colour decorative paint effects in the paint world. Hence ICI Dulux Trade Paint recognised the demand for broken colour decorative paint effects and launched products like Duette, Somarta and Acryli Scumble Glaze so as to target the trade market in United Kingdom.
Marketing Audit: “A marketing audit is a comprehensive, systematic independent and periodic examination of a company’s or business units marketing environment, objectives, strategies and activities, with a view to determine problem areas and opportunities and
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Therefore, giving most attention towards promotional of the products so as to get control on mass customers in the market.
Threats for Dulux Trade Paints: Due to the competitors recent investment in special effect ranges the sales of the ICI Dulux paints has continuously grown down. The major compotators such as Crown, which has spent time and money on products as well as retail market, resulting in low sales of ICI Dulux paints and Leyland produces products with traditional decorators which meet the needs of customers which again makes uncertainty in the sales of ICI Dulux Trade paints.

Marketing Segmentation:
Customers in groups sharing particular wants or needs are known as market segmentation. Marketing segmentation divides the whole market of the company into segments which are targeted, using developed methods and on products so as to make basis for the company’s product in market. (Armstrong, 2006 a)
Marketing segmentation can be defined, as the division of market into specific gropes of consumers. Marketing segmentation should be easy to measure, accessible, not changing quickly and

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