Ics Inc. Case

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an information system consulting firm


Module 1: Final assignment
ICS, Inc.

Ivana is the owner of ICS, Inc., an information systems consulting firm of 20 employees. The company mostly designs and implements information technology projects for small and medium-size businesses in the metropolitan area. Although ICS has a sufficient level of business, the environment is becoming more competitive as more entrepreneurs are starting their own information technology consulting businesses. Ivana does all the marketing for ICS and is the primary contact between ICS and its customers.

ICS just received a contract from a Fortune 100 company to design and implement an e-business system for one of their
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And there was a difference in opinion between Patrick and Harvey regarding the system design approach. Patrick’s approach was less risky, but might be more time-consuming; Harvey’s approach was more risky, but would take less time if it worked. Patrick said, “Let me try to meet with Ivana in the morning and get some answers, if that’s possible.” “Maybe we should all meet with her,” said Harvey. “Ivana’s not a big fan of long meetings with a lot of people. She thinks they’re a waste of everyone’s time,” answered Patrick. Patrick met with Ivana the next morning. “Well, does everybody have everything figured out?” asked Ivana. “Actually, we stayed late last night discussing the proposal, and we have some questions. The proposal seemed ambiguous in some…” Ivana interrupted, “Ambiguous! The customer didn’t think it was ambiguous, I don’t think it’s ambiguous. So now you tell me why you think it’s ambiguous.” “Well, for example, Harvey and I have come up with two different design schemes; one more risky but might take less time, the other less risky but could take longer,” stated Patrick. “One meeting and you guys are arguing with each other like little children,” Ivana jumped in. “Didn’t you ever hear of teamwork? Here is what I want-less risky and less time. No should’s, could’s, or might’s. You two are just going to have to figure it out and not waste any time. Do I have to make all the decisions around here? What else? I

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