Ict And The New Public Management Principles Long Term Action

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With the coming of information era, people has changed their lifestyle by using Internet and communication technology. ICT has made the process of providing health services, transport system, dealing with governance issue and delivering information in an efficiency way. First and foremost, since the1980s, the liberalization and privatization of transport services has been fiercely discussed in many European countries and concluded with new combinations of public–private arrangements(Weber et al., 2014).this contribution of diminish role in public sector is from the New Public Management principles long term action. Since more than twenty years we can observe a shift in the European that a stronger part now private sector provided in transport services. Traffic situation as a basis for region, cities and dynamic traffic, information led for the traffic system is important for release traffic jam and avoiding accident.An example of the ICT use in transportation can be GIP, according to Weber (2014), the result is an intermodal network representation(GIP – Graph Integration Platform)for all traffic modes (individual traffic,public transport,cycling and walking) for the public,which also provides as a reference system for all e-government applications for the Vienna city management. GIP is based on permanently updated information about all transport routes(streets, subways, passengers and cycle paths). This system can also be used for social security field which can be easily…

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