Ict Development Beneficial Effects On Health Care Organizations

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In our information and technological superiority era where the power of the Internet superlatives expands, I wanted to discover the valid impact of ICT in Healthcare sector. Which are the main factors involving in the development of information and communication technologies in a healthcare environment? What is the interaction between healthcare professionals, information and communication technology and the patients who are, in any case, the final recipients-costumers? It is well known that ICT development beneficial effects on health care organizations, but in which way that is achieved? What are the technological instruments where are available nowadays, and associated with improvements in health care fields, and how physicians and health-care workers benefit by them? Having all these questions swirling through my mind daily, I did my research discovering the desirable answers. There are many articles on the web explaining briefly the meaning of ICT in healthcare environment and its impact. Among many articles that I have read in recent days, there is one that I choose which despite its shortcomings, authors try to deliver all the necessary information, and in a critical disposal, citing both positive and negative aspects of each technological achievement involved in the development and improvement of the healthcare sector in the last decade.
Two years ago, 2013, four scientists introduced their work in the “International Conference on Project MANagement/ HCIST 2013” and…
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