Ict Developments in Supply Chain Management Within the Fashion Industry

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Information and Communication Technologies Project
ICT developments in Supply Chain Management within the Fashion Industry

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Table of Contents:
3 Introduction
3 History of the Industry
4 Outline of Supply Chain Management
6 Supply chain management and Zara

6 Introduction
7 Product Development and Marketing
8 Manufacturing and Purchasing
9 Logistics and Distribution
12 Store Operations
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Since the 1960’s and the information revolution, man’s ability to transfer information has continued to grow not only more efficient but also more important. With the growth of e-commerce and electronic data interchange supplying a constantly updated information supply, being able to profit from information has been key to successful business practice. Originally exemplified by Wal-Mart’s ability to send and receive sales and supply information automatically, communication development, facilitated by services like the internet, has gone on to open up a worldwide market for many industries. This ability to transfer information instantaneously has given birth to a new generation of supply chain management systems where producers, suppliers, distributors, and increasingly even customers are all connected.
In the high-street retail market, fast fashion is the current key to success where the speed of fashion trends means a more disposable clothing culture is emerging where low cost and a quick product lifecycle are vital to successful sales. With such demands from the end use consumer and with instantaneous information at hand, an increasingly important emphasis is being placed on supply chain management efficiencies.

Fig: 1

Supply Chain Management and Zara
undergone one of the most rapid
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