Ict & E-Commerce for Hospitality Industry

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Module : ICT 106
Institute : Ealing Hammersmith and West London College
Submitted by : Jabedur Rahman (ID: 765453)
Submitted to : Mr. David Preston
Submission Date : 1 March 2011


* Executive Summary

* Introduction

* Discussion A. ►The application systems used by Marriott Forest of Arden,
And The principal technologies used in its operation

B. ►The management information systems used by the hotel
And their roles in both the identification and delivery of business.

C. ►How modern trends might effect the technology.
With Supporting arguments. * Conclusion

* References

Executive Summary

The discussion of the report
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Moreover, ICT is used for the inventory reception, management and proper distribution. When the necessary raw materials come from the suppliers it requires proper control and management system. Computer plays an important role for the management and distribution to manufacturing where necessary.

In operation, to transform the input or raw materials to output there are also several ICT are used. For example in the kitchen there are different machines for heating, cooling, cooking, measuring, cutting etc. There are so many kitchen appliances that highly technology based like blender, digital cooker, microwaves oven, toaster, freezer, dishwasher, glass washer, coffee machine, digital hobs, ice makers etc..These kind of suppleness facilitate and accelerate the performance and accuracy.
Marriott use a distinctive operating system for its front desk. It provides a competitive advantage to the hotel. This operating system helps express check in and registration. Use of electronic key card instead of general door keys has given extra security and flexibility for the hotel guest and their own possessions. It is impossible to operate a big hotel like Marriott with no computerized guest accounting and guest data utilizing.
For the sales and marketing the information technology plays an important role. Recently, Forest of Arden hotel has started using automated checkout system. It is quick and
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