Ict Ethics Issues in Malaysia

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The development of technology which is getting greater and advance often leads to complex ethical, illegal, and societal issues. Thus there were many ethic centers developed in order to examine the implication of the moral principles into various fields that raise throughout the development of the technology such business ethics, engineering ethics, computer ethics, and medical ethics. Computer ethics or ICT ethics are not so much different of the human ethics, the different is how it is perform via the technology has to offered to unethical human. Obviously the world of communication and technology has affected the cultures, values, and social responsibility for good and for harm. The unethical way of using the facilities of ICT may or …show more content…
7) Digital division: May cause an increase to the gap between rich and poor.
8) Professional Ethics: The ICT professional may not well-train and ethical enough to perform tasks. Problems may occur caused by their faulty and useless system.
All of these issues may take places in Malaysia if the ICT society is lack of ethical awareness. The cyber crime that had happened in Malaysia that statistically recorded by NISER (www.niser.org.my) since 2003 are hacking, virus, spam, intrusion, harassment, forgery, Denial of Service, mail bomb, and destruction. Pornography is a very serious concern in the Malaysian society, it is strongly define as moral crime in Malaysia, and hence, there lots of cases reported regarding this issue in Malaysia, and the religion organization took taken these cases seriously. Lately, the child pornography issues is quiet a concern in Malaysia, since in global, this is the major seriousness regarding ICT and humanity ethics. Other ICT issue that is serious to the Malaysian government is the piracy issues. Malaysia did not contribute a lot to these matters worldwide but it is a huge concern to the Malaysian society. It cause by the poor economic spending on the technology and the originality or licensing which is too expensive for the society.
There is lot of other ethical issues that rose in any other country that has infectious to this country. It is still depending on the technology level that we have. Sometimes these
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