Icu 2031 Final Paper

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. Perspectives: President, Faculty, Board
The 2002 internal report states: NYU is a completely different institution than it was twenty years ago and quite different than it was only ten years ago.” During that time, it implemented a recruitment strategy marked by a continuing ability to attract some of the best graduate and professional students in the world. NYU has more international students than any other university in the United States. NYU currently houses more than twice as many students as it did ten years ago. The SAT scores of entering undergraduates are at unprecedented levels, having risen nearly 100 points in less than a decade. The academic trajectory of most units is on the ascent, although there are inevitable differences among
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• NYU will ensure that individuals living in the community, faculty, and board members are aware of the 2031 plan initiatives.
• The NYU 2031 plan will generate over 1000 jobs for construction workers and permanent job positions for NYU.
• Feedback received from the community, faculty, and constitutes will be welcomed and considered vital to identifying necessary revisions to the plan.

The launched of NYU’s 2031 plan sparked the attending of the faculty members in the Arts and Science program. According to FASP NYU’s president John Sexton was a dictatorial leader who disregarded faculty and governing bodies of the university when making decisions. The results of president Sexton’s marginalize behavior and other boiling issues including globalization initiatives, and the decision to not acknowledge a student union consisting of former NYU students in 2006; prompted the College of Arts and Science which is considered the largest department at the school, to issue a “No Confidence” plea against Sexton. The goals of NYU’s Faculty of Arts and Science Program were to have the Board of Trustees provide a resolution with addressing the following
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• Lack of transparency with the universities strategic planning.
• Acts of favoritism (staff receiving higher wages for completing the same job).
• The ability to maintain a high level of autonomy for their department in regards to international initiatives and academic curriculums.
• Faculty and student representation with governing committee “shared governance.”
• Rebuild trust between faculty and NYU
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