Ida Scudder 's Childhood Years

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During Ida Scudder’s childhood years, she experienced a horrible famine in India. Her parents threw themselves into helping as much as they could. Soon, however, her father, Dr. John Scudder II, grew ill and the entire family returned to America. At first, this move proved difficult for Ida who only lived in India so far. Her family history interconnected with India since her grandfather, Dr. John Scudder I, started his missionary doctor practice overseas, thus beginning a family legacy of missionary work in India. Many of his children and grandchildren traveled back to India to continue ministering to India. His son Dr. John Scudder II also began doctoring the people of India. Thus, Ida was born in Ranipet, India, on December 8, 1870. Despite this legacy, after three years of living in America, Ida “made herself a promise: no matter what, she would never live in India again.”
Nine years later, despite Ida’s vow, her father traveled back to India with her mother following two years later. Ida resented their family missionary past and traveled to Chicago to live with her uncle and aunt, Dr. Henry and Fanny Scudder. However, soon, Dr. Henry also began his missionary endeavors in Japan. Therefore, Ida attended Northfield Ladies Seminary with no intentions of returning to India. Unfortunately, Ida soon received a telegram beckoning her to aid her very ill mother. The reunion proved difficult for Ida, especially since she blamed her parents for their lack of support during her
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