Idaho Case Study

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What should Idaho do about this problem?
Lately the possibility of states fighting to retrieve state lands from federal control has become a relevant issue. In order to protect the rights of its citizens, if the state were to recover public land, they would need to legally stipulate that lands would be kept in trust to the Idaho public, not to be sold off to third parties. However, completely rejecting federal governmental control could be a very lengthy and expensive battle for Idaho. Reaching a compromise by placing more decisions about Idaho in the hands of Idahoans might be the best way to deal with this situation. Idaho’s legislature needs to petition the federal government for more decisions to be made on a local level. There needs to be a balance of control, so that one power does not outweigh the needs and wants of the other.
What is America’s Environmental Status?
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Not only Idaho, but all of the Nation’s wilderness areas are of prime importance. Groups such as The National Audubon Society, the Wilderness Society, the Nature Conservancy and the Sierra Club do valuable work in preserving the rich natural heritage of the United States (Casten & Rijsberman 2011). Their efforts to inform the public, conserve wildlife, and wilderness areas should be applauded. Without their efforts, many scenic areas and byways would be polluted and destroyed beyond repair. However, with every civic movement there comes a time when one asks the questions: where do humans fit in, where is the line drawn between preservation and protection, and refusing to allow citizens to enjoy the wonder that is nature? National groups are great for spreading a general amount of information to the public. The national focus on improving property maintenance is wonderful, but they do not know the area for which they argue, they can only
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