Idaho Is Truly Like An Easter Egg Hunt

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Idaho is a place for many hidden gems. Anyone who lives here will agree that exploring Idaho is truly like an Easter egg hunt. A person can wake up in the morning, look out the window, and they have already found the most beautiful egg possible: the sunrise. Only a few hours into the day and countless eggs can be found. These “Easter eggs” can range from being a special road, a beautiful mountain, a perfect hiking trail, or even a unique town. One of the most unrecognized “Easter eggs” is Wallace, Idaho. Once you find this hidden gem you will have a new appreciation for Idaho and the fascinating history of Wallace. Wallace, “the center of the universe,” is where rich history and breathtaking beauty meet. Engulfed by the Bitterroot Mountains, thick pines, and huckleberry bushes the residents of Wallace send a warm and friendly welcome to the visitors of the historic town. Not only can striking views be found around Wallace, but also inimitable historical attractions that seem to travel back in time to the days of the Wild West. These historical sites tell the stories of the miners, railroaders, and “working girls” that shaped this secluded town.
The history of Wallace, Idaho began in 1884 when Colonel Wallace traveled to the area in search of the rich deposits of gold, silver, and other metals in the surrounding mountains. According the article “History of Wallace” on, “Colonel Wallace purchased 80 acres of land and built his cabin in the area that…
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