Idaho Is Truly Like An Easter Egg Hunt

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Idaho is a place for many hidden gems. Anyone who lives here will agree that exploring Idaho is truly like an Easter egg hunt. A person can wake up in the morning, look out the window, and they have already found the most beautiful egg possible: the sunrise. Only a few hours into the day and countless eggs can be found. These “Easter eggs” can range from being a special road, a beautiful mountain, a perfect hiking trail, or even a unique town. One of the most unrecognized “Easter eggs” is Wallace, Idaho. Once you find this hidden gem you will have a new appreciation for Idaho and the fascinating history of Wallace. Wallace, “the center of the universe,” is where rich history and breathtaking beauty meet. Engulfed by the Bitterroot…show more content…
The discovery of the Poorman and Tiger silver lodes in 1884 created a boom in population and wealth. “By the 1890s, Wallace was a prosperous town filled with immigrant miners from all over the world” (“History of Wallace”). The early mining in Wallace helped build fortunes for mine owners and miners.
In addition to mines, railroads played a large role in the development of Wallace, Idaho. When the Northern Pacific railway was brought to northern Idaho in 1883, the region was transformed from a dense forest to a populated developing region. The town of Wallace grew with the building of the railroad through the Silver Valley. The article “The Northern Pacific Depot & the Compromise of Wallace” written by Nick Shelford states that “The Northern Pacific Railroad was the first railway to enter through the Silver Valley, and connected the Silver Valley with coastal seaports.” This depot was responsible for transporting passengers during the silver boom. In addition, the depot also transported freight, boosting Idaho’s economy.
The development on I-90 highway in 1970 sent the residents Wallace into a panic. The Federal Highway Administration planned for Interstate 90 to run right through the middle of downtown Wallace. All of the downtown buildings were at risk of impending destruction. Residents worked effortlessly to find a way to save their home.
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