Idaho Substance Abuse Case Study

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Located in the northwest of the United States is the state of Idaho. The state is most known for its expansive swaths of protected wilderness. It also has many outdoor recreation areas and boasts a mountainous landscape. Idaho is a great state to reside in thanks in part to these features. In addition, the rate of drug-related deaths is lower in Idaho than the national average. Unfortunately, they still face a big problem when it comes to substance abuse.
Idaho Substance Abuse Facts:
Idaho ranks fourth in the nation when it comes to the abuse of prescription pain killers. A citizen of Idaho overdoses on prescription drugs ever 45 hours. The drug overdose rate in Idaho is double the amount it was in 1999.
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There are 656 Idaho residents with a heroin addiction.
These addictions account for 8933 arrests on drug-related charges.
There are 6773 citizens arrested for DUI.
Mental Illness in Idaho:
Idaho citizens number approximately 1.5 million. Out of that number, around 54,000 adult residents currently live with a serious mental illness. Another 18,000 children are living with serious mental illness. Unfortunately, getting help for mental illness can be difficult due to the fact that most people live in extremely rural areas. Due to being hours away from help, many Idaho residents suffer with untreated conditions.
Help For Idaho Citizens:
Thankfully, there is help available in Idaho, whether it is for a substance abuse problem or a mental illness. Admittedly, residents might have to drive to get to these centers. However, being free of addiction or mental illness makes it worth it.
Best Detox, Rehabilitation and Mental Illness Centers:
Northpoint Recovery, Boise:
This center provides a therapeutic and safe environment for people who are struggling with substance addictions. The goal of Northpoint Recovery is create a foundation for each person’s recovery, promoting long-term

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