Essay about Ideal Image of Beauty

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Ideal Image of Beauty One of the problems women in society face is the pressure to be the ideal feminine beauty. It is a known fact that when women look into fashion magazines and watch television, there are always contents shown based on weight, beauty, and body care. Every woman has an agenda to keep herself looking in an appropriate manner, but there are women who take a life risk to achieve and impossible look that they are not naturally born with. This article is based on this subject, there are many studies made to find out what exactly have the influence over some women who want that ideal beauty look. It has been stated that cultural pressures have a large impact to the increasing rates of eating disorders. The mass media…show more content…
These newspapers and magazines also considered that the ideal fashion model look and coverage by the media has also a big impact on the eating disorders incidents. The articles which had reports on fashion models made very specific measurements on height, weight, hips, and waist. This information which is made by the media is proposing an ideal size to those who read these articles in magazines. In the study it was also found that women magazines promote cosmetic treatments, diet, and beauty products in which to show how women can change their physical appearance. Through the studies on these articles it was showed that newspapers and magazines have much more of a greater influence on women with eating disorders. The media had failed to correct this issue by stating the negative aspects of the disorders; however they focused more on the idea of perfectionism, ambition, and great academic. The articles also show how the media do not base this disorder on mental illness that involves the body and therefore requires medical treatment in the psychological aspect. The examination of those articles reports how fashion models and the media promote an ideal image of beauty which to most women is unrealistic. This increases the disapproval of the body in most average women cases and pressures them to change their way of living and attitudes that the media suggests. The media do not attempt to show or pursue the external means of
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