Ideal Immigrants Essay

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The Ideal Immigrant What is the "ideal" immigrant? When talking about immigrants and what we as Canadians consider to be a "good" or "bad" one, what do we mean? Is there such thing as a good or bad immigrant? Canada preaches diversity but when it comes to the ideal immigrant they know exactly who they want to bring into the country. There are several factors that when combined amount to the "ideal" immigrant, these include; high levels of education, high productivity, skills, and knowledge. Canada knows exactly what they want when it comes to determining what kind of immigrants they want to bring into the country. Canada constantly tries to portray itself as a diverse and welcoming place but that doesn't seem to be the case when it comes to accepting different kinds of immigrants. It all comes down to what the immigrants will be able to bring to Canada and what benefits they will have to Canada's economy. For example, Filipino's are seen as the ideal immigrants in many cases. Canada tries to bring in a lot of Filipino people, which makes them one of the most popular countries for immigration to Canada. The reason as to why Filipino's are seen as the ideal immigrants is because of their incredible work ethic and their responsibility. Filipino's can be seen as extremely hardworking and can be seen working for long hours without complaining. (Root et al. 2014, 5) Filipino women are very high in demand when it comes to working in Canada. Women are more in demand
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