Ideal Self

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Abstract I am flying back from Dallas Texas, relaxed, comfortable sitting in Economy Plus, after participating in my first IT (Information Technology) Summit, held yearly by our divisions Vice President. As I look around and observer others, I notice students, vacationers, and business travelers. I’m curious as to who they are in their organizations; managers, directors, janitors, or CEO’s? As I watch their behavior’s I begin to reflect on the session, my career, my future, and how I can contribute. As I think about the start of my career, the choices I’ve made along the way and how these choices have contributed to my successes, I realize I do have a plan, a vision and agenda. Vision, values, and aspirations are limitless ideas when…show more content…
As much as I loved fashion and thought this was my path, I realized I needed an education to avoid this in the future no one would steal my opportunity again. Though I had taken off a few years to see what life was all about, it was time to get serious. I knew to be truly successful you needed a college degree or higher, strong work ethic, and most important the ambition to seek it out. This defining moment re-ignited my desire and ambition to seek out my future so I moved back to Champaign, Illinois to restart my college education. In the Olefsky family you were either a lawyer or an accountant, unless you were my father, then you had a successful automotive business which funded my many shopping excursions (hence the love of fashion), thanks dad! I enrolled at the community college, started working part-time, and within 3 years, I had my Associates in Business Administration. Defining moment number two was receiving my acceptance letter to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in the College of Business, Accounting program. My dreams were coming true, I was going to become an accountant and make lots of money. My grades were excellent, I had a terrific network of friends, and I was beginning to emerge as a leader in school and in the work environment. During this time, as determined as I was to be a
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