Idealism Is Idealist

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Idealism is not only for dreamers International Relations 2/10/2016 Submitted to : Miss Gulrukhsar Mujahid Submitted by: Amna Rafiq Nagani 16075 Idealism is not only for dreamers Whenever you think of idealism, Martin Luther King, Jr. or Gandhi would come to your mind who stand as idealists in making the world a better place. We think of Idealism as good in the face of evil, or of ideals bracing us up from the dust of reality, purifying life from its toxins (Macionis, 2012) .As explained by Plato(1509), Idealism is a philosophy that believes that the ideas are the only true reality and that this reality is perfect. Being imaginary and believing in the good in human explains this vision. Talking about idealists, they are the optimists who look for common good against notion of war or conflict. Idealists…show more content…
They are overlooking the reality. The reality of this deal is different as explained by Jim Sciutto,2015 where President Barack Obama along with his allies are precise to claim that the threats of having the contract blocked by Congress are way more relative to the risks of attempting to make it work out. Similarly, west demanding Iranians to stop enriching uranium to 20% levels etc means that the dreamers approach towards the nuclear deal is ignoring common sense. The idealists in this scenario need to understand that a security dilemma exists between the US and Iran. Also, the US and Iran will never be able to trust one another because of anarchy, uncertainty, and conflicting material and strategic interests etc. which clearly proves my point that idealists are dreamers and what they dream and think is right and for the common good is actually not in reality. How they viewed the nuclear deal and how it actually is are two different things hence repeating my point again, idealists are dreamers who prefer focusing on positive ideas and ignoring common
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