Ideals Of The American Revolution

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Neither the framing nor the ratification of the Constitution were counter-revolutionary and neither contradicts the ideals of the American Revolution, rather, the Constitution corresponds and complies with a doctrine of fair governance as elucidated by the Declaration of Independence and thus allows for the system of checks and balances imperative to a final product that can guarantee a unified egalitarian republic. However, in order to prove this point, it must be conceded that the so-called “ideals of the American Revolution” can be no better embodied by one defining document than the Declaration of Independence because, in essence, it acts as the singular mission statement behind the Revolutionary War itself. Logically then its text is paramount to the framework that determines whether or not something is or is not in accordance with the ideals of the Revolutionary War because if an ideal contradicts the Declaration, then it, by definition, must contradict the ideals of the Revolutionary War.
The Constitution fulfills the criteria of a fair and just system of governance as described by the Declaration of Independence, which means that the Constitution lives up to the ideals of the American Revolutionary War. This is evidenced by, but is not limited to, the numerous protections of two preeminent criteria of fair governance as described by the Declaration of Independence. The first protection is the protection of the “all men [having the right to] life, liberty and
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