Ideas of Parenting

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Parenting is different for everyone, but is any one way really better than the other? Amy Chua, a professor at Yale University, believes that the strict parenting style of Chinese mothers is the way to go. She believes that her strict and often harsh parenting style contributed to the success of her daughters. Chinese parents believe that if their children are successful, it is a reflection of the parents. Hanna Rosin, a contributing editor for the Atlantic, has very different views from Ms. Chua about the correct parenting style. Ms. Rosin believes that the more relaxed, nurturing, and self-led style of Western parenting is the better way to raise children. She believes that placing your children under immense pressure can produce…show more content…
The Western parent allows the child to show interest in a subject or activity, then allows them to explore this interest, whereas the Chinese style parent chooses school subjects and activities. Allowing the children to first show interest in an activity helps to set the child up for success. If the child likes an activity, they are more likely to practice or develop skills because they enjoy it, and are not being forced into it. This may help their self-esteem as well, because they will be doing something they like, instead of being forced to do something that they may not have a natural aptitude for and run the risk of failing. In addition to the close development choices of the Western parent, they try to enhance the social development as well. They do this by sending the children to sleep-away camps, or a friend’s house for a sleepover. The Chinese parent doesn’t allow the children to attend sleepovers, school dances, sports events, etc. I think some children of the Western parents love the way they were raised and allowed to explore and make their own decisions growing up. I also believe there may be some children of Western parents that wish their parents had been stricter, or pushed them more when they were younger. There are pros and cons to both parenting styles. Some pros from both sides are that the children are nurtured, receive all of the education
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