Ideas of the Future Houses

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When you think of the house of the future what do you think of? Is it going to be filled with loads of electronics, moving floors, talking televisions, or even a house that can completely take care of you with out you lifting a finger? The house of the future in 1957 was the first actual model house to bring at least the easier hopes of the future to life. The house and many of the other Disneyland exhibits were sponsored by The Monsanto Company. Monsanto’s plan was to expand its markets and gather what people would think of plastic being used as a construction material. The Monsanto Company, Walt Disney's engineering group and Massachusetts Institute of Technology came together to create this view of the future. This house of the future created much excitement for the people who visited. Until 1967, when the house was demolished piece by piece. On April 22, 2013 a new vision of the future house was presented at Disney's Epcot center in Walt Disney World. The vision house shows how people can be greener, safer, and more conservative with their power. The “Vision House” has products that are new and updated for the home. The concept of this house is green living through environmentally friendly choices. These two house and view of the future are completely different by the materials used to build them, technology, and the design of the houses. Almost every material in the Monsanto’s prototype from the bottom to the top is man-made. The walls, ceilings, shelfs, and floors
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