Ideas of the Korean Unification Essay

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Ideas of the Korean Unification The idea of this paper is to compare and contrast German Unification process with the outlook for possible scenarios in Korea. By looking at the similarities and differences between the situation in Germany and Korea. To do this I look at the state of the economies, recommendations toward policy, the need for international support as well as possibilities on how to organize the transition. If the Republic of Korea and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea are to merge as one united country, several factors will need to be taken into question. I hope to bring light on what it might take in order for this to happen. With the end of the Cold War and the disappearance of the East-West…show more content…
What are the lessons from the German experience? I will attempt to shed light on the these and numerous other issues associated with the Korean unification process. Germany and Korea Similarities and Differences for Unification While the unification of Germany was treated as a national issue, it actually has and will continue to have considerable international implications. Germany grew overnight from a country of some sixty million people to a nation of eighty million. Germany today is one and half times the size of Britain, France or Italy.(Dept. Of State and Foreign Affairs) Although today Germany has enormous economic problems which will remain for at least the next 10 years, all of Germany's neighbors believe that in the end Germany will come out on top economically. German unification has demonstrated that the re-establishment of the unity of a country even after a long period of division and difficulties is possible and that unification can be achieved in a democratic, peaceful way. But despite similarities between the two cases, there may also be many differences regarding internal and external aspects. Germany and Korea were both divided in the wake of World War II against the background of rivalry between capitalist West and the communist East. In both countries, the hope for reunification was slim during the Cold War
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