Identical Twin Girl Book Report

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LAUREN SHERIDAN (35) and CHOLE MARKWELL(35) are identical twin sisters who used to model since they were young. After they grow up, Chole gets married to BILL MARKWELL and has two children, JAMIE and EMMA, while Lauren continues her career as a top model. SEBASTIAN ST JAMES (40s) visits Lauren’s penthouse to wake her up from last night’s hangover and warns her that she cannot be late or miss her appointments from now on, since it’s her last chance. Lauren then visits her twin sister Chole, living in suburban. Lauren’s attitude towards her sister is more of arrogant and haughty, whereas Chole welcomes her and tries to kiss her. Lauren does not even remember her nieces, Jamie and Emma.

Lauren then goes to restroom and there is an enormous crash;
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Then, Chloe’s best friend SUSAN visits her after a trip to Hawaii, and feels something is weird about her. Although Lauren calls Susan’s name wrong every time she calls out her name, Susan just thinks she’s acting little weird since she’s hooked up on a painkiller. Susan helps Lauren taking care of the babies, and reminds her that they have library fundraising meeting tomorrow morning. That night, Bill secretly enters the bedroom and hugs Lauren while she is asleep. She panics, and tells him that they can’t make love because she broke her nose. Bill is also surprised that her hair styles has changed, and she replies that Lauren cut it for her. Then they have a conversation about Lauren, and Bill tells her how Lauren is a supernova. They get into a little fight, and Bill storms out the bedroom to sleep in the spare…show more content…
Bill, Lauren, Susan, Jamie and Emma hop on a van driving to the hospital. Lauren confesses to them that she is not Chloe, and surprised by that Bill and Susan already know. While they’re driving, Bill spots the real Chloe and Sebastian walking into the Glamour Cosmetics building. He abruptly stops the car and calls her name. Chloe stops and turns as she hears her name being called, and the revolving door hits her full in the face. They immediately take her to the hospital. Sam, Erik and Christy also hear about the accident and departs to the hospital. At the hospital, Lauren and Chloe are lying down at the bed in the same ward. It’s indistinguishable to tell who’s who since they have same hair style and same injury on nose. Erik visits and doubts if they have really switched their roles, but Bill covers them by saying he’d know if he wasn’t home with his own wife. Erik then goes out to have a lunch with Susan. Bill exits as he has a meeting with the Discovery Channel executives. When Lauren and Chloe are alone, Christy enters the room. Christy is still furious with Chloe making fun of her in front of everybody. Chloe soothes her and encourages her that the show is considering to put Christy back on the show as the surprise return model. Christy meets Sam when she exits the hospital and gets informed that she is now back on the show. She then decides not to tell anything about the sisters and their secrets. After the surgery, Bill and Sam enter the
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