Identical Twins Are Different

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Argument 1. Identical twins are different in many ways. Take bonnie and brenda i of them got all giggly around boys the other ended up gay and transgendered to be a boy and named himself Aidan or for example Anais and sam they were raised in different countries Anais from london and the other from Verona, NJ one was french fashion designer and the other did youtube clips and they both speak different languages or tim/james they both had a bad kidney but only one got better Argument 2. My personality has changed because of the way i was raised. I know it changed be cause i used to be a shy person but know i have quite a lot of friends and i was not an outgoing person but know i am or i used to not be a gamer now i am i used to be not talkative person now am a little more talkative or i used to like red know I like black…show more content…
Studies have shown that nurture is more dominant Determine personality than Nature is. Like feral children they were left alone if they were raised by dogs/wolfs they would walk on all fours they would have sharper eyesight,hearing and smell they also learned from study that monkeys if both boys or both girls can raise a
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