Identification And Evaluation Of Sources

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Courtney Larson Section 1: Identification and Evaluation of Sources In this paper the question “How did Sam “The Banana Man” Zemurray change the political organization of Honduras in the 1910’s?” will be examined. The decade of 1910-1920 is used to narrow the span of time that can be considered. Honduras is examined because it was the second largest banana exporter in the world up to 1915, thereafter it was the largest (Bucheli 11). The first source is “The Fish That Ate The Whale” by Rich Cohen. This is a non-fiction book that is a secondary source. The value of this source is derived from the fact that as an esteemed journalist Cohen can be expected to have credible sources. Cohen has written several books on various famous Jewish Americans that have all been considered credible, making the origin of this book more valuable. Cohen also had the advantage of hindsight when writing this book. All of the events that are relevant to this investigation happened 90 years prior to the publishing of this book. This time gap allocated a lapse of time allowing for Cohen to fully understand the causes and effects of the events surrounding the political organization of Honduras in the 1910’s. However, a limitation of this source is the purpose. Cohen’ books are written to be entertaining, not just scholarly. Therefore, personal opinions or superfluous information is included to make the book more entertaining, lessening the value of the source. Additionally, Cohen wrote this book as a
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