Identification And Evaluation Of Sources Essay

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Bleck Section A: Identification and Evaluation of sources This research paper is on the question of , What was the United States and other nations Response to the Rape of Nanking? This question is highly important for historians because it gives a view on how governments dealt with atrocities committed by nations and how they intervene. One source that is valid to the topic would be They Were in Nanjing: The Nanjing Massacre Witnessed by American and British Nationals written by Suping Lu. The book was published in 2004 in Hong Kong ; the publisher was the Hong Kong University press. Although the book was written in 2004 it gives in-depth perspectives for non Chinese nor Japanese citizens. The view of the book was written by Americans and British people who encountered the event during December 1937. The book gives a detailed research and in-depth analysis on the perspective of other nations, such as The United States and Britain. The value of the book is plentiful, giving the view of people who were not affected on site when the massacre occurred. This allows a fresh view on how the event happened, since the chinese were massacred by the japanese those views can be seen as polar opposites and only solely be based on the event itself - not the events that followed. In a historical context the book possesses a value as the aid given from
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