Identification And Identification Of Biometric Fingerprinting

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Several hospitals and blood banks are incorporating the use of biometric fingerprinting to register or check in patients. This type of authentication is unique to each individual and helps minimize fraud (Moore, 2013). The further use of biometric fingerprinting will soon do away with user names and passwords. The high accuracy rate and ease of use is what makes biometric fingerprinting so appealing. The use of biometric fingerprinting has helped minimize insurance fraud and is also responsible for protecting patient information. The reduction of insurance fraud is helpful in keeping healthcare costs down and is important in ensuring continued healthcare coverage. The use of biometric fingerprinting can help save time with logging in…show more content…
The use of biometric fingerprinting was used in a study involving blood transfusions at Ragusa hospital from August 2007-July 2008 during this time blood components were transfused using the Secureblood system. During this time zero errors were recorded with transfusions and the right patient received the correct blood component each time (Bennardello et al., 2009). The use of biometric fingerprinting has also been vital in minimizing insurance fraud. The reason for this is that the individual is scanned as opposed to a paper or plastic card which can be easily lent to a friend or family member (Rahman, 2013). Biometric fingerprinting also helps minimize phantom billing by dishonest providers (Rahman, 2013). Biometric fingerprinting can be useful during medical emergencies especially when a patient is unresponsive and unable to communicate. By using biometric fingerprinting healthcare providers can access critical information such as allergies and blood type. Other information that can be accessed includes current medications, patient demographics, next of kin or emergency contact, and medical history (American Sentinel University, 2014). Biometric fingerprinting can be useful with medical information exchange with biometric fingerprinting we are able to share and verify patient information. This is especially helpful
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