Identification And Password Security Measures

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Historically, measures to safeguard critical information, locations, and/or equipment have largely relied on the use of access cards and user name and password combinations. These methods widely recognized as verifying an individual based on something that they know (password or pin) and something that they have (I.D. card) have proven to be vulnerable for both users and organizations. As technology and the dependence on cyber and cloud based systems to conduct daily operations has steadily grown over the years, so has the need for better security measures. So far it looks as though the answer, which most companies and organizations are adapting, is a system based on recognition of human characteristics known as biometrics. While implicitly more secure than traditional I.D. card and password security measures, concerns have been raised as to if these systems are detrimental to personal privacy.
Webster’s online dictionary (2015), defines biometrics as the “measurement and analysis of unique physical or behavioral characteristics such as fingerprint or voice patterns especially as a means of verifying personal identity”. With the creation of devices to measure human characteristics, known as biometric devices, hardware and software can authenticate a person’s identity by verifying characteristics unique to an individual. Through measuring and/or analyzing physical or behavioral identifiers, devices can deny or grant access to programs, devices, computers, rooms, and other
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