Identification And Profiling Of North East Delhi District Essay

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Hazard identification and profiling of North East Delhi district, Delhi Abstract Introduction India is a multicultural and multi linguistic country with diverse and rich heritage culture and heritage which believes in unity with diversity. New Delhi is the capital of India located in heart of India. Delhi being a metropolitan city encompasses itself with rich infrastructure and community, the main purpose for me opting for this specific area is mostly due to………………………… and I have chosen to focus my study upon north east Delhi. North east has a population of …. With immense diverse customs and traditions, that is the very basic charm about Delhi. North east Delhi is definitely prone to many…… with low, medium and high casualty depending on the hazard. The population density of north Delhi is …. I often visited the area during my graduation days and can still feel the charismatic feeling of it just by observing the gems of culture heritage and varied religion .north Delhi is prominent of ….religion and most of the population are …. The population is mostly employed in … field and the crowd are mostly aware and concerned about their surroundings, for me this topic is based both on professional and personal level as a resident of Delhi and being a delhite I too am vulnerable with many hazards and look for to prevention or mitigation of such disaster saving thousands of life and heritage. The National Capital Territory of Delhi is divided into eleven revenue districts. Each

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