Identification Of Learning Needs Will Enhance Nursing Practice

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Action Plan If similar incident would happen in the future, I will aim to carry out my assertive skills when working with my colleagues, so that we can guarantee the welfare of the patient is managed. At the same time, I need to work on my communication skills, since it is important to collaborate with everyone. When possible I would try to emphasise the importance of frequent check of NPWT. This should assist in the development of such skills and can be managed effectively. Potential obstacles and solutions Recognising obstacles will give an insight on whether or not a goal is favourable to both the practitioner and the patients. The first possible problem is providing teaching and learning experiences in the complex use of NPWT process.…show more content…
This can be also achieved by using individual work email addresses in sending more information about an NPWT. According to Paternoster (2011), using an inspirational motivation will encourage others to allow themselves to be involved in the learning process, which will make every individual more optimistic towards the new idea. Another possible issue is that it can be of less interest for other staffs, because they might be more interested to learn through watching an instructional video. By sending related information links about NPWT to their email address, it will allow them to take charge of their own learning. Another issue is that it can be time constraining or restraining, since applying an NPWT will consume more than 15 to 60 minutes of time and it will depend on the complexity of a wound. Lack of time can be avoided if there will be time management, and there is one solution to make the process of changing smoothly, which is by following the suggestion of J Pediatr Health Care (2006), according to Pediatr, there should be a set goal that is needed to be achieved at the end of the application of wound management. Aside from time constraint, another obstacle is about nurse-patient ratio that can hinder in the process of a detailed learning on NPWT in wound management. The solution for this is self-discipline where every individual is capable of organising and
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